No meio de burros e como a Mariza me deve os seus cd's autografados

Nos meus passeios pela Amazon deparei-me com a estupidez deste texto.

«Mariza And Animal Torture, August 13, 2005


Tom Passenger "Passenger" (Portugal) - See all my reviews
The world must know that, sadly enough, fado is strongly connected to bullfights. Virtually every fado singer attends bullfights. And Mariza seems to be no exception, since she will sing on one tonight!
In the Portuguese bullfights, the bull is brutally expelled from the pen to the bullring where he will face the rider who will stab him with several harpoons ("banderillas"). Due to the intense pain the bull tries without success to chase the rider in order to defend himself, but inevitably the only sufferer will be the horse, even if the horns of the bull are padded. When the bull is exhausted, his body pierced by several banderillas causing extremely pain and torment, 8 men ("forcados") enter in the bullring. 7 of these men assault the bull, grabbing the head, whilst the remaining one grasps the tail eventually immobilizing the weakened animal (more info here: http://www.iwab.org/intro.html)
Although fado is very beautiful, I will not support people who support torture against innocent animals. And I cannot understand how Mariza can sponsor this torture against innocent animals. I wish she was as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And I wish I had never bought her CDs... »

Pois, uma qualquer besta portuguesa em nome dos direitos dos animais entrou nesta forma de protesto tão estúpida como inadequada. Isto é pidesco! Imaginam como seriam uma sociedade regulada por estes indivíduos? Vá de retro...
Completamente indignado resolvi fazer queixa à Amazon:

«The reviews in the albuns of the singer Mariza are being
used by a reviewer to harm in a very serious way the singer. That reviews
are a complete lie and his author "Tom Passenger" should be prohibited
of continuing this insidious campain. Amazon is a honest corporation and must be correct and delete those lies.
Thank you.»

A Amazon não precisa de mim como cliente para nada. Podia perfeitamente borrifar-se para o meu e-mail. Mas numa atitude que as empresas portuguesas (e por sinal bem mais pequenas) podiam adoptar responderam e com interesse:

«Thanks for writing to us at Amazon.com.
We would be happy to look into this matter further. To help us find the comments in our archives, we will require more information.
Please use the link below to send us the full title and ISBN or ASIN of the item reviewed, and subject line and date of the review as it appears on our web site. This will allow us to locate the review and take the appropriate action.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We look forward to hearing from you.
Please visit the following link to provide the information we
Best regards,
Deanna Gutierrez
Amazon.com Customer Service»

Assim sendo lá fui eu investigar e apresentei tudo direitinho. E foi a história da passagem à história desta estupidez de um indivíduo. Como me disse uma vez a minha professora de Etologia, quem trata oa animais como pessoas começa a tratar as pessoas como animais. Desta forma a Mariza fica "intimada" a enviar-me toda a sua discografia devidamente autografada!

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