Via Arte da Fuga, Moral Matrix.

Your Score
Your scored 2.5 on the Moral Order axis and -6 on the Moral Rules axis.
The following items best match your score:
System: Conservatism
Variation: Economic Conservatism
Ideologies: Conservative NeoLiberalism
US Parties: Republican Party
Presidents: Ronald Reagan (97.79%)
2004 Election Candidates: George W. Bush (88.10%), John Kerry (69.94%), Ralph Nader (51.34%)
Of the 147285 people who took the test:
1.8% had the same score as you.
83.6% were above you on the chart.
4.4% were below you on the chart.
14.4% were to your right on the chart.
77.2% were to your left on the chart

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